Friday, October 20, 2006

Teachers and Computers


Relevant pics from Flickr

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MySpace Banned from Many School Computers
Rockwood man donates computers to school
School tries to stretch lifespan of its computers
Virginia High School Provides Students With Notebook Computers
School board meetings going paperless
QQeStore Donates Five Computers To School
Boeing donates computers to Washington

Yahoo Answers
dont they use parental controls on school computers?
Is anyone else offended that our kids in school are using this forum to learn to hack school computers?
How can i bypass school computers?
how do you hack into websites form school computers?
Where can I get information about Great Lakes Naval Station computer school?
does any one know how to get on to myspace through school computers?
Does anyone know of any sites to use to by pass blockers on school computers?
Im 16 and would like to study computers...any school that would accept me? read...?

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  • Hay you always come up with great collection of pics and podcasts, I want you to submit your podcasts to podcast directory too.

    By Blogger Noel, at 5:55 AM  

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