Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Six years. Six years since I've written a post on this Blog, and my Feedburner says I still have 11 feed subscribers. Maybe they aren't real, or maybe they are bots, but it doesn't make a difference. I'm still going to continue this endeavor.

It's been six years and one-metric-ton of stuff that's happened in my life. A big one is getting so far away from where I was, when I was writing this. All my bookmarks: gone. Most of my personal knowledge: gone. In fact, I feel like a total stranger learning this subject for the first time.

I was disappointed in my self; still am, really. I was angry. There's really nothing I can do now, except do it. I really think some of it will come back to me, and there's a lot of new, good that will come of this.

I'll find new, awesome Blogs on many subjects, I'll find new, awesome tools for teachers and English majors and those learning English as a second language. Most of all, I'll be relearning old stuff and learning new stuff simultaneously.

I'm not sure what to do about the look, design and feel of the site. A large part of me wants to keep it on Blogspot(Blogger), because all the many, MANY places I listed in directories still point here, but it needs updated, changed and perhaps moved to fully spread my wings.

I can't wait to do a cannonball back into the world of education, teaching, English, learning and all the bad and good politics, gossip, stuggles and work that come with it. It's a life I've left behind for too long, that I never should have stopped growing with.

More to come, very soon!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Teachers and Computers


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MySpace Banned from Many School Computers
Rockwood man donates computers to school
School tries to stretch lifespan of its computers
Virginia High School Provides Students With Notebook Computers
School board meetings going paperless
QQeStore Donates Five Computers To School
Boeing donates computers to Washington

Yahoo Answers
dont they use parental controls on school computers?
Is anyone else offended that our kids in school are using this forum to learn to hack school computers?
How can i bypass school computers?
how do you hack into websites form school computers?
Where can I get information about Great Lakes Naval Station computer school?
does any one know how to get on to myspace through school computers?
Does anyone know of any sites to use to by pass blockers on school computers?
Im 16 and would like to study computers...any school that would accept me? read...?

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Teachers in the news

Things happen just as fast in the world of academia as they do in the news. In fact, academia is an integral part of the news. Public schools are a part of our country, and therefore news about them, colleges, teachers, and other topics of education are important. Educational news is always changing and we need to stay "up" on it.

national council teachers ,
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Continuing problems with Teachers Council
Two Gunn seniors win national award for writing
Janacek Jenufa, English National Opera, London
Hanover teachers plan language arts conference
6 teachers die of HIV/Aids daily
English councils beat national recycling targets
Cox Honors Teachers of the Year
National Council on Disability Announces Quarterly Meeting, Creating Livable Communities News Conference, and
Teachers earn national honor
Nigeria: Stakeholders Seek Harmonisation of National Education Policy

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why teachers like to give me detention????????????????????
Teachers-Do you have this problem?
Young teachers and late teen students why the fuss? when people of those ages date anyway?
What is it that teachers do when teaching?
Are teachers truly underpaid?
Teachers. This one's for the those that like to yell.?
My teachers are my heroes~ care to know why?
My teachers are my heroes~ care to know why?
My teachers are my heroes~ care to know why?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WriteToMyBlog - Free Web Word Processor for your Blog

Okay, so I was cruising web 2.0 sites and found writetomyblog. Before I go any further, I'll just show you an example.

(This is an Example Post Created Using WriteToMyBlog)IMG_0256

You can use WriteToMyBlog to get control over your posts. You can use headings, fonts, sizing, positing, color, highlights, wrapping, linking and so on. If you want more control over the way your Blog displays its content then use WriteToMyBlog , it's feature packed but still easy and familiar.

Are you a good speller? I'm a terrible speller, but it's a lot easier having our built-in AJAX multilingual spell checker. Didn't understand what I just said, don't worry all you need to know is it works. Try it out for yourself.

Heard of tagging? Get's a little tiresome having to insert the HTML code manually; we'll you can now tag the easy way, just type them in the tag field.

The Easy Way to Have Tables in Your Posts

WriteToMyBlog Makes Adding






It bills itself as "a free web word processor for your blog".

Okay so I was playing around with it for about an hour. I still haven't explored it fully, but found a few interesting tidbits I thought I'd share with you.

  • Seems great for people like me who need help improving the look of their blog posts. It seems like it has a pretty extensive list of formatting features.

  • Works terrific in Firefox(except be ready to disable adblock before you try inserting links or pictures).

One of the things I started wishing for immediately was firefox extension of this thing. But I'm going to test this out in ittybitty browser.

This is my first post, and really just a test, using writetomyblog, so I'm sorry for the lack of links and a more comprehensive review. I'll be sure to post a better review after I've had more time to play around with the service. writetomyblog logo

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Interesting Integrations-theme based teaching

TES ICT Blog: Videoconferencing in the classroom

By joedale

03 October 2006 at 10.30
Videoconferencing in the classroom

Videoconferencing can help promote real communication and global citizenship, says MFL teacher Joe Dale


has great potential for connecting classrooms anywhere in the world and motivating language learners in authentic conversation.

Educational establishments from primary to university level have been exploring the possibilities of the technology recently to allow learners to communicate with each other and share ideas in real time.

‘Whodunnit?’ is an article written by Primary Consultant, Alison McGregor in the Autumn 2006 ELL Bulletin
from The National Advisory Centre for Early Language Learning
(NACELL) about a videoconferencing event which took place in Oldham this year.

The article describes how Alison and the Oldham City Learning Centre

(CLC) supported local primary and secondary schools to use their videoconferencing equipment in a themed murder mystery day. Pupils got into the swing of things by:
  • dressing up in different disguises
  • questioning witnesses
  • making a photofit picture
  • working out the whereabouts of the murder suspects
  • making arrests
View full article...
Source blog
Simply put, theme based teaching is teaching around a theme. Let's say you choose eskimos. You may teach your students by showing a video on how they live, their language, history, the food they eat, the animals in their area(along with their biology), and have them write up their individual findings. Through thematic teaching you cover many different subjects in the same class, and it can be much more fun and engaging for your students.
I've found some great sources on the net that put this type of constructivist teaching to new heights, and through in my two-cents as well.

* Writely-Online word processor where multiple people can access and edit the same document
* Suprglu-site designed to organize multiple web sources into one page. Teachers could use this to organize all their students blogs into one page so they only need to go to one place to view everyones blogs.
* Chat programs-theirs many Instant Messenger programs out their and many children all over the world already use them, like:Yahoo IM, MSN messenger, ICQ, and AOL instant messenger. Thier are also many all-in-one messengers that allow you to speak to anyone regardless of what program they are using. One such program is Trillian. Many instant messengers today also come with a live videoconferencing option that is free to use.
* Youtube-video sharing site where students and teachers could upload video for anyone to view. Their are other similar sites like Vsocial. I just listed Youtube because it's one of the more popular video community sites out there. This service would be great to use when sharing lesson plans with others, and you can post the videos on your own site/blog.
* Wikispaces-many people are familiar with the online collaberate knowledge site Wikipedia, but you can also get your own free online wiki that lets you create and organize your own content. In most cases you can even costumize options like who can add to the site.
* Language translation-their are many sites out their that let you write letters and translate them into other languages, as well as translating whole sites. Here's just a few: Google Translations, babelfish, and Dictionary.com Translator.

I'm sure there are many more WEB 2.0 sites out there that let people share, collaborate, and communicate in many ways.
When we start learning how to better communicate and work with people all over the world, and at an early age, we are better prepared for the new global economy we live in.
I encourage you to read the full article and come back here and share your ideas and comments with me.
Hilly mentions some things she learned from different cultures. I highlighted those selections from her blog post. I just wanted to add to my above example on things kids could learn from other cultures as they try to communicate and work together. Thematic teaching really is a powerfull tool.

Sumie Beach Camp

By hilly

The Sumie Beach Camp was a wonderful experience, each and everyone of us adults and kids learned a little something about a different country in those 2 days. I for one, learned about fishing with a gigantic net. We pulled the net in, in two separate teams. I even caught a fish bare handed! Granted, the poor fish was also stepped on accidentally by me while I was trying to catch it. It was rather freaky holding on to a live (but dying) fish - especially one that is barfing blood. eek!

Oh, and did you know that it takes 13 hours to get to London by plane from Japan? Or that 500 Euro is approximately 70,000 yen? And the Southern Cross is a part of the Australian flag? Those are some of the things we managed to glean from our country presentations. (Unfortunately, our American intro sucked in comparison to all the other countries... so much for not packing the night before and end up forgetting important stuff! すみません!)

(click on photo below for the set of photos)

This is me looking disgusted after I realized my fish was vomiting blood. Poor fishie. We ended up eating them deep fried with some awesome light batter... really yummy too!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

NCLB update

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No S.C. School Districts Meet NCLB Standards
Teachers Prep for Back to School with Free Online Courses
Teacher honor roll: Julia W. Page
School official on CNN today : Superintendent will respond to president on NCLB
'Dumbing down' due to underfunding of schools
President Discusses NCLB Reauthorization at the Education Department
York Center School one of first to receive 'Blue Ribbon' status
Bush to push education legislation
R-5 meets its No Child Left Behind standard

Yahoo Answers
Are they any anit-NCLB organizations? How can teachers get involved in the important decisions made for edu?
NCLB as a smokescreen for politicians cutting budgets?
NCLB -your thoughts?
under NCLB laws for state of illinois do i have a right to transfer my child to a higher achieving school?
Facts on NCLB [no child left behind]?
Your thoughts on NCLB?
problems with the NCLB act of 2001. This has affected students who are not born to non english background.?
Is it true that the NCLB Act can keep kids out of college? (read on...)?
What is your opinion on NCLB?
What are your thoughts about NCLB?

Product Details from Amazon

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More news on English as a second language

english esl , tesl ,
Relevant pics from Flickr

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Ardenne High ranks 8th in CXC English language exam
CNA-Q to introduce English language training
Language tests changed for federal bureaucrats
Let's not be slaves to Yankee English; Indianise it

Yahoo Answers
I am an English teacher from Canada i would like to teach tesl,toeic or tefl in australia?
Experience with TESOL/TESL/ESL courses?
I want to teach English oversees. Where should I go?

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ESL information

esl ,
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Enghouse Re-files 2005 Management Discussion and Analysis 'MD&A'
Villanova Prep Enhances ESL Program, Launches EIS Courses
I am an immigrant

Yahoo Answers
ESL or General Elementary Education?
English as a second language (ESL) and how ESL relates to early childhood language development.?
ESL teachers in China?
ESL lessons-need resources?

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

My new blog and changes to this one

Maybe I'm getting carried away with this blogging thing, but semester's almost over so I think it's ok for now.

I started a Japanese history blog. It's mainly contained to video, but I will be providing audio(to give my 2 cents on videos I find), and pictures(photos, links, books, etc...).

I'm going to provide a voicemail and other interactive links so I can hear what other people think. I might mess up on the historical facts and it will be nice to give readers/viewers a way to 'correct' me:)

It's still really new, but here's a sneak peak(of sorts).

Japanese History Through Pictures

I'm also planning to make yet another blog, and move all the posts I keep making here, over to it. This has kind of turned into a less professional 'personal' blog, and I want to correct that.